What Is Tyvek?

Tyvek is a material made from highly dense polyethylene fibers. Created by the DuPont company, it provides protection for a variety of substances. It is a synthetic material the protects from various hazardous materials. The protection is woven into the fibers and cannot be washed or worn away.

Who Wears Tyvek?

Tyvek is worn by various medical, construction, and industrial workers who work in dangerous and hazardous environments. When worn, it provides full protection from the contaminants.

Workers who wear this suit, usually wear the Tyvek coveralls with a hood, which provide facial protection as well. The hoods are good for working with unsafe mold and associated contaminates.

Tyvek also protects from nonhazardous agents as well and keeps the body clean while working.

Tyvek Qualities

Tyvek material is not fully flame retardant, but does protect somewhat from fire. It can be cut by a sharp instrument such as a blade or scissors. It is breathable and water and moisture vapors can pass through with ease.

Usually, Tyvek suits are colored white or yellow. They have a standard elastic wrist band and ankle band. The neck area can be collared or banded. It typically features a zip up full body element and can come with a hood or separate head piece. The head piece also offers the same level of protection as the body suit.

The material is described as comfortable, lightweight and is also non-abrasive to the wearer.

Cost of Tyvek Suits

Tyvek suit cost can vary depending on the features provided. Simple suit protection, without a hood can range from $3-$7 per suit. This makes it a relatively inexpensive option for companies and hospitals. Many times, you can find Tyvek suppliers that can provide bulk discounting on the suits, making it a top choice when looking for hazmat protection.

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