Pin-up Dresses: How to Shop for the Right One

Wouldn’t you love to look like those picture perfect pin-up girls on magazines? Well, you can with the right pin-up dress. It does not matter whether you have an hour glass or a boyish figure. Pin-up dresses come in different sizes and shapes to suit different body types. However, you have to be willing to look and try different dresses to find out what suits you. There are several tips to finding the great looking pin-up dresses.

One important thing to consider when buying a pin-up dress is the length. If you take a closer look at the girls on magazines or tv wearing pin-up dresses, you will notice that they just or slightly above the knee. Accordingly, you should buy a knee length dress. Nevertheless, this only applies if you are of medium height. If you are shorter, aim for a dress that is just above your knees or one that is right on the knees. Conversely, taller girls should aim for dresses just below the knee. Getting the length right is key to pulling off the pin-up look.

One thing you need to know about the pin-up look is that is all about giving the illusion of an hour glass figure. But how do you do this? It is simple. Just get a dress that is nipped at the waist. Alternatively, you can use belts to accentuate your waist.

If you are shopping for a casual or daytime pin-up dress, go for swing dresses. Depending on your personality and preferences, you can either choose a strapless one, a halter neck or one with thick straps. If you have a colorful personality, do not be afraid to try on some checkered or floral dresses. Make sure you stick to light/bright colored dresses during the day. If you are daring and like puffiness, you can add a petticoat under your dress. This will give the dress a more vintage look.

For evening wear, choose dark colored dresses. Pencil pin-up dresses are ideal for evening wear because they hug your curves in all the right places. You can also wear your stain pin-up dresses in the evening. The dresses can either be low cut or with a turtle neck.

If you want to stand out from the crown, pin-up dresses are definitely the way to go. Make sure you research and shop around. This is key to choosing a pin-up dress that suits your personality.

If you want to be noticed, wear a pin-up dress. The ideal pinup dress is knee length and nipped at the waist. It can either be plain or patterned depending on your taste.