Know the Difference Between a Workout Leotard and a Competition Leotard

Leotards are a must-have item for any gymnast. If you are the parent of a young girl just starting out in the world of dance or gymnastics, picking out the right clothing can feel like an overwhelming task. There are many styles and fabrics to pick from as well as types. Most importantly, you may be wondering what the difference is between a workout leotard and a competition leotard.

When to comes to workout clothing, you can find many cheap gymnastics leotards from Garland Activewear that will fit the bill. When working out, the leotard can show a little more of a person’s own style and taste. You aren’t trying to impress a judge in these, but you do want to please the teacher. Leotards designed for training come in a variety of colors and styles. The sleeve lengths vary from short to long, and they tend not to have too many embellishments. You can even buy them a little on the big side with room to grow in them.

A competition leotard is quite different. First of all, the fit has to be perfect. The cheap gymnastics leotards for competition that Garland Activewear has available fit snuggly. The reason for this is that a sleek fit allows the judges to see the competitor’s muscles and precision movements. The torso of the suit should not be too long, and it needs to fit properly in the buttocks. Solid colors are preferable when competing, and glitz is a good thing. In fact, the more sparkle to a leotard, the better.

When looking for cheap gymnastics leotards, visit Garland Activewear. Here you will find exactly what you need for training as well as competition.