The ins and outs of recycled wood decking.

Once upon a time recycled was not a good word, it had certain connotations but those days are gone and recycling is seen as positive and something we are encouraged to do. So when given the option to use recycled wood decking many choose to do so because of its environmental benefits.


Recycled wood decking is known as composite wood, it is partially made up from wood product like sawdust (wood flour) combined with industrial waste, used plastic waste and discarded rice husks making it one of the truly environmentally friendly composite decking option. Using a recyclable, sustainable product reduces waste going to landfill and reduces the need to use imported rainforest timber.


The benefits of composite wood are significant, very low maintenance being one of them. Instead of having to sand, oil or paint and replace boards due to wear and tear year in year out, you only need to sweep regularly and mop the surface as you would with any flooring. No cupping, warping, splitting or twisting extends the life of the deck and due to the low moisture absorption, it won’t rot.

The recycled wood decking builds in value so consumers wanting to make a positive environmental decision would not be at a financial disadvantage. Once you calculate the initial with the ongoing maintenance costs of a traditional timber deck choosing composite decking will save you money year after year.

Visual Appeal

The composite decking does come in a range of colours, very similar to what one would expect from traditional timber and can come with a grained finish. Always stylish and suitable for use as patio decking, poolside decking as it is slip resistant, in fact any type of external entertaining area, even in salt water areas.

A bonus in the Australian environment is the resistance of recycled wood decking to termite attack. Almost all regions of Australia are susceptible to termites so the benefit is widespread.

The installation is straight forward and can be done in a short period of time as it comes already treated and cut to specific lengths with a clip system completely concealing the fixing which ensures a touch of class.

General maintenance

The recycled wood decking should be cleaned with a broom and mop regularly, a far easier task over sanding and painting. How often it is cleaned will depend on the amount of dirt and leaf matter which ends up on the deck from nearby vegetation and the amount of traffic it sustains. The decking has an antifungal solution added during the manufacturing process, this protects against mould, mildew and bacterial germs. It is important not to let twigs and leaves to build up between the boards as mould may occur as a result. If this does happen warm water and a bleach should take care of the problem.

A time saving solution, a safe solution and a cost effective solution, excellent reasons for investing in recycled wood decking.