The Gift of Fun – Baby Toys

If you are thinking of what to give at a baby shower, maybe you should consider the gift of fun – baby toys. They can provide the newborn with the opportunity not only to play but also to learn. It all depends upon the specific toys you choose. In fact, there are so many possibilities out there that narrowing the list down to even two can prove to be a challenge.

Considerations for Picking Baby Toys

When it comes time to choose the right baby toys for your best friend or family member, you can decrease the potential choices by considering a few pertinent factors. Look at the toys available online or in a retail outlet. Read the labels and consider them according to certain criterion. Examine them and see if:

* Age: The baby toys you pick must be suitable for a certain age – if the toy is classified as being for children under age three, you should be okay. If it is considered to be for children older than that, you may run across some serious safety concerns.

* Components: If a toy consists of several small components, do not purchase it. Baby toys that have small parts are safety hazards for babies. The small parts may be removed by the child and swallowed. This makes such toys a choking hazard. The same applies to battery-operated toys. Make sure the baby or small child cannot open the case containing the batteries. They must be securely entrenched, unable to be removed without the use of a screwdriver or other specialized tool.

* Style: Fancy or plain are appealing to babies. If the parents prefer elaborate, buy one that meets this standard. If they prefer simple, opt for this style instead.
Purpose: Some baby toys are simply that – baby toys. This satisfies some parents. Others, however, prefer the toys have a higher purpose. They want the toy to help stimulate the baby and his/her senses or provide some sort of learning experience.

* Durability: Check to see the toy can withstand the abuse a baby, his or her siblings and possibly the family pet can throw at it.

It’s a Baby Toy After All
No matter what, take the wishes of the parents under consideration. Yet, do remember, what you are purchasing is for a baby. It is not the parents’ toy. These are baby toys. Even if they are stimulating, safe and providing a learning experience, they are baby toys and, therefore, should be colorful and, above all, FUN!

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