What You Should Know About Gelato

Many people simply think that gelato is just an Italian version of American ice cream, but it is really not the same thing. In fact, after trying both side by side, many people would find that gelato is superior to many type of ice cream available in the US. Gelato contains less fat than traditional ice cream but is created with less air than ice cream which makes it much more creamy in texture. It is also served warmer than tradition ice cream which makes it tastier than you could ever imagine.  Want to know more? Read on:

No Air and Less Fat Is Healthier and Tastier

For those who love ice cream, it can be quite surprising to know that ice cream contains a lot of air and that air can account for a large percentage of the volume you get when you buy ice cream. In fact, there are even some ice cream manufacturers who fully admit they put more air into the ice cream they sell because it can make double the quantity…remember, the next time you buy ice cream, you are spending money on air! The Italian version has no added air or fat, so you are getting a healthier and much tastier product.

Warmer Serving Temperature

Another thing you should know about gelato is that it is served at a higher temperature than ice cream is. Though gelato is stored in freezers, just the same as ice cream is, when it is served, it is at least 10 to 15 degrees higher than one would serve the US version of ice cream. When you have this warmer temperature in place, it allows the gelato to disperse over the tongue at a faster rate and therefore, helps the gelato flavors taste better.

Two Different Type of Gelato

Finally, you should know that there are actually two different versions of gelato out there. The northern Italian version of the treat has a cream and milk base where the southern Italian version is made with water and fruit, also known as sorbet.  Most retailers and manufacturers out there will make and sell both sorbet and gelato thanks to their similar roots. Just remember, however, that both sorbet and gelato are very different than ice cream and for many, much preferred.

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