Buy Your Calla Lily Bulbs Now to Enjoy Variously Colored Summer Blooms

Here, at Eden Brothers, one of the more sophisticated blooms in our line comes from our selection of calla lily bulbs – all featured in a number of varieties. You can enhance the borders around your house with these beautiful blooms, which also come in a whole spectrum of colors.

A Profusion of Beauty

For example, our Captain Safari calla lily bulbs feature deep orange blooms. The striking and vivid hues blossom, as all calla lilies do, from mid-summer to the first frost. Planted in the spring, calla lily bulbs reward gardeners and landscapers with a profusion of beauty in the summer months.

Types of Seeds and Plants

If you like the color yellow, then you will want to check out the Serrada calla lilies that we feature here at Classic white is represented by Captain Ventura while a bi-colored cream and purple calla lily is depicted by Picasso. If you wish to grow a calla lily colored almost black, then you will have to check out our Captain Palermo seed offerings.

Colorize Your Yard

If you don’t want to confine your calla lily seeds to one color, then you will find that our mixed selections of calla lily bulbs to be ideal alternatives. For example, our site features bulbs that produce mixed colors of calla lilies, a pastel mix of the blooms and a black and white mix. Needless to say, you can decorate your landscape to your heart’s content with our variable selection of calla lily bulbs featured for spring planting.

When and Where to Plant the Bulbs

Fortunately, our horticultural staff here at Eden Brothers can tell you that planting bulbs and growing calla lilies is not a difficult task. The two main things you need to do are to make sure that you plant the bulbs in the right place and that you plant them properly. Calla lilies necessitate that bulbs be planted in well-drained and lose soil in a spot that receives the sun or partial shade if located in a warmer locale. Plant the bulbs in the spring after the threat of frost has subsided and the soil is sufficiently warm.

How to Plant the Bulbs

We recommend that you plant calla lily bulbs about four inches into the ground with spacing between the flowers about 12 inches apart. Water the bulbs well after planting and keep the area soil moist. Fertilize the plants each month during the growing season.

Make Your Selection of Spring Bulbs

Here at Eden Brothers, we can provide you with a wide array of bulbs from which to choose which can be planted this spring. Make your selection now so you can enjoy the flowers this summer and fall. Visit us at now.