Top 5 New Things About the KRISS VECTOR!

If you have ordered a new Airsoft GI KRISS Vector, you are in for a real treat. With enhanced accuracy and improved power, the new Vector offers a unique shooting experience. If you can’t wait for the March 31 release date, you might be dying to find out about the new Vector. Here are the top five new things about the improved Vector.

1. Completely New Design

The most important thing you need to know about the new Vector is that it is not a gas blowback. This is not a re-packaged gun masquerading as a new one. Rather, it features a completely fresh design. With improved internals and an electronic trigger, you will have a completely new shooting experience with the Vector. Simply put, you will have unparalleled semi-automatic trigger response when you shoot this gun.

2. Compatible Parts

With a few exceptions, the new KRISS Vector is compatible with most Version 2 parts. As such, you can plan on carrying over many of your existing accessories. Even better, you can take advantage of the gun’s quick-change spring feature which requires no tools to access. Even without adding Version 2 parts and accessories, then, you can expect an enhanced shooting experience with the new Vector.

3. Ample Battery Space

Given the compact nature of the new Vector, you might expect it to have diminished battery space. That’s not the case. The gun’s grip has ample room to house a regular battery. If you expected the new Vector to do away with features to accommodate the battery, you can be certain the improved gun doesn’t diminish the shooting experience.

4. Enhanced External Features

You can expect your new Vector to have a host of external features. First, the gun has a 14 mm, counterclockwise threat on the outer barrel of the gun, providing you with an easy way to attach aftermarket accessories like suppressers or barrel extensions. Also, your new Vector can hold a 120 round, mid-capacity, polymer magazine.

5. Feet Per Second Stats

The new Vector shoots at 24 rounds at 350 feet per second. With that sort of fire power, you can expect your new Vector to give you an enhanced experience.

If you are waiting for the March 31 release of the new Airsoft GI KRISS Vector, you might be anxious to find out about the improved features of the gun. While it has extensive upgrades and innovations, these are the top five things you should know right now about the new Vector.