Questions About Event Venues in Tinley Park Used For Business Events

In Tinley Park, businesses coordinate their annual events through the right venue. Once the venue is selected, the business owner determines its availability. Next, they provide payment based on the venue’s requirements. The following are questions about event venues in Tinley Park used for business events.

Does the venue coordinator set up the entire event?

In most cases, yes, the venue coordinator sets up the entire event. However, vendors that are hired for the event manage their responsibilities to their clients. While the venue provides tables and chairs, vendors offer specific decor, table settings, centerpieces, and floral arrangements. Vendors also set up draperies and tents for the event. The overall design for the event is achieved with a combined effort.

Do businesses acquire discounts?

Select packages offer discounts for businesses that schedule their events at the venue. On average, the discount is around twenty percent. However, if the event is scheduled during the non-peak season, it is possible for the business to achieve further discounts and reduced prices for services.

Does the business maintain the right to choose their own caterer?

Select Event Venues Tinley Park restricts the use of any caterer other than their own. However, select businesses may retain the right to hire their caterer. They need to add these provisions to the rental contract to prevent issues or hidden charges for on-site catering.

What is needed to secure a venue?

Most venues require a twenty percent deposit to secure the venue. The business must contact the venue ahead of time to secure a booking. They must submit the remaining balance of the rental at least sixty days before the event. The business must provide a check or credit card payment for the deposit and the rental fees. Most venues do not accept cash payments. They need to hold on to their confirmation documents.

In Tinley Park, businesses need the right venue to accommodate their annual events. The coordinator helps them secure vendors and catering services for the event. They also provide assistance with contracts to ensure that the business receives everything they want. Businesses that need to book event venues should contact VILLAGE OF TINLEY PARK today.