Tempur-Pedic: A Company And Its Mattress

Memory foam is still relatively new on the market. It dates only from the 1990s. Even at its introduction, it was a question of whether it could take off. It did not matter whether stores sold Tempur-Pedic in Jackson MS or if they were available all across North America. It was something new and expensive. Yet, the company had faith in this new product.

Early Beginnings

While Memory Foam began its existence as a product of a NASA experiment for space travel, its major inventors, Chiharu Kubokawa of Ames Research Center, affiliated with NASA, and Charles A. Yost of the Stencel Aero Engineering Corporation saw something more. Their discovery of viscoelastic a polyurethane combined with other material, was to at least Yost, a substance worth investing in. He called it “temper foam” and founded a company based on its properties.
Yost went on to found Dynamics Systems, a company he sold to Becton. Yet, until the 1980s, viscoelastic or temper foam had not gone public. It had also been restricted in its usage. It was not until the 1990s that a company took viscoelastica and turned it into “Memory Foam.” The company was Fagerdala World Foams a Swedish company. Dan-Foam was a subsidiary.

Memory Foam Makes Its Appearance

The first mattress made from Memory Foam appeared on the European market in 1991.  A visitor to the Dan-Foam company, Bob Trussell, brought back the mattress to the states and the rights to use it. He called his company Tempur-Pedic and introduced it to America in 1992. Eventually, Tempur-Pedic and Dan-Foam combined, to create an international entity focused on sleep products. The companies continued to grow and, by 2002, Tempur-Pedic International Inc. had emerged.

This marked the beginning of public offerings and mergers. In 2013, for example, the mattress world was surprised when the Sealy Corporation, famous for its own line of mattresses, announced it was merging with Tempur Pedic. It is one of the largest mattress company mergers ever negotiated. The cost – $228.6 million, and Sealy retained the right to operate as a separate entity within the umbrella corporation.

Today, Tempur-Pedic International Inc. has its headquarters in Lexington, Kentucky. The offices are part of the Coldstream Research Campus. The company continues to grow. Tempur Pedic in Jackson MS, across the United States, North America and the Globe continues to make inroads in the mattress market. From a “spacey product” it has grown to become the must-have mattress for those searching for a good night’s sleep. Are you interested in purchasing a Tempur Pedic. In Jackson MS, our experienced staff can help you discover more. For directions and further information on our products and Mattress Direct, contact us at.