Must Have E-Cigarette Accessories

Once you get your first e-cigarette starter kit and experience the advantages of switching to e-cigarettes, you will soon want to start adding to your stock of supplies. Having different e-cigarette accessories on hand will help you to enjoy your smoking experience.

If you are going to buy accessories for your e-cigarette, it is important to realize that not all accessories will work with every brand and type of e-cig. To avoid problems, shop for your accessories at either a website that sells multiple brands, especially the brand that you have, or through the same website that you bought your e-cigarette.


While all e-cigarettes are rechargeable, having an extra battery on hand that fits your brand, model and style of e-cigarette is important. This will ensure that you are never without, in the event that your current battery fails.
Most new e-cigarettes use very specific batteries that aren’t available at your local hardware store. With just a small investment, you can have an extra on hand, if and when you need it.


If you are like most people, you will want to have at least two different chargers for your e-cigs, one in your house and one in your car. This ensures that you are never without these important e-cigarette accessories. Some chargers are specifically designed for the wall, others are designed for use with any USB equipped device.

Universal chargers automatically determine the type of battery you plug in and charge accordingly. This is a great option if you have more than one e-cig system that you use.


Atomizer coils, or clearomizer tanks, are the key elements of your e-cigs. While these e-cigarette accessories come with any starter kit, having extras and replacement parts on hand is a great idea.

Like most accessories, these are not costly parts, so having a few spares is not going to hurt your budget. You can choose at Domain URL  to buy whatever accessories work best for you.  This is perfect if you want to experiment with different combinations or just keep it simple.