Round Tablecloths Are More Diverse Than You May Think

The use of table cloths on your tables during special events and meals is a must. Table cloths are incredibly diverse and you can find pretty much any kind you can imagine. Not only do they come in an almost limitless number of styles and designs, they are also made in several different materials and are made in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you can find one to fit any table you might be using. If you are using round tables, which is a popular choice at many events and restaurants, then you will need to find some high quality round tablecloths to use.

What Kind Of Round Tablecloths Are Available?

-Pinch wheel – This type of round table cloth has a textured, crimped look that gives off a lovely vintage look. They are usually made out of taffeta and come in different shades of nearly every color of the rainbow, as well as white, black, gold, silver, chocolate brown and champagne tones.

-Burlap – This classic material that was originally used mainly for sacking has been showing that it has a new and exciting use – to make stylish and unique table cloths. These would be perfect for a rustic or country themed event. They can be paired with different and contrasting materials in the form of an overlay, table skirt, or table runner for interesting styles that can really show off your personality.

-Chevron Satin – Round tablecloths of this style are quite fun and are a great way to add a pop of extra color to any event. They are white, with zigzagging stripes of black, hot pink, turquoise, yellow, or champagne. Sometimes, the stripes may be covered with sparkling sequins.

-Diamond Glitz – If you want the ultimate appearance of glamour and opulence during your event, then you should definitely check out this type of round table cloth. They are not just covered with glitzy sequins, but their appearance has been taken up a notch and given a pattern of geometric diamond shapes.

-Checkered Table Cloths – This is the classic style that nearly everyone remembers from childhood picnics. You can find the old-fashioned red and white checkered table cloth, as well as several other colors such as black, gold and silver. If you would like to have an appealing mixture of tradition and glamour, then you can even find round checkered tablecloths on which the colored checks are covered with sparkly sequins.