Plastisol Transfers: The Best of All Worlds

Perhaps you are an entrepreneur or a business owner. Maybe you’re just a do-it-yourself person.  Whatever the case, plastisol transfers for making t-shirts is the way to go. Using plastisol sheets gives you the best of all worlds. Let’s talk about three of them.

World One: The “Do it Myself” Entrepreneur

As a t-shirt entrepreneur, you may have invested in a screen printer set, but you must admit, it hasn’t been easy getting your designs to print the right way the first time. Now you realize that filling custom design orders given to you on short notice is out of the question, especially when you have advertised that you able to handle them. You need the help of a plastisol transfer provider, because it will save you time and money and produce a print-ready custom stencil design.

World Two: Designs Your Way

Using your screen printing set limits you on the types of designs that you can offer. The more complex designs will require greater attention to detail and layout. This will require much more of your valuable time. Using a third-party source to produce your more complex designs will save you time and money that can be used to increase your marketing budget. You will also be able to create your own custom designs and continue to print the professional t-shirts that you are accustomed to producing. These designs can be placed on professional plastisol transfer sheets and sent to you ready for pressing. You will gain flexibility, save time, and increase customer satisfaction.

World Three: Unlimited Inventory

Plastisol transfers are a great way to be inventory-ready. Building a relationship with a third party graphic designer of heat transfers makes it easy for the entrepreneur to provide quality merchandise at wholesale prices. It keeps inventory up and cost down. It provides the ability to take large or small orders on short notice.  Choosing the right provider will also increase the types of print jobs that can be offered. Using this type of service can open up opportunities for online sales and enlarge the target area outside the current local area. Online sales will increase the profit line, and an increased profit line will increase growth. Most graphic print shops can provide a program that will service your current needs and be flexible enough to adapt to change as you grow.

Therefore, whether your t-shirt business goals are to increase inventory, create custom designs for resale, or stop being a do-it-yourself entrepreneur, plastisol transfers are an economical way of assisting you in doing just that. With a little help from a company that understands the business, you can make plans to use the time you saved where it counts, serving your customers.