Rapture Bible Prophecy

If you have accepted the rapture Bible prophecy as fact but you are seeking greater clarity on the subject, you need to look further into the specifics. There are clearly defined facts that are stated right in the Bible itself that can provide the right insight into what the rapture Bible prophecy is really all about. Whether you are looking into the topic for the first time or you are simply researching different schools of thoughts, you can find out more by reading on below.

Ignoring the obvious

One of the main points that many people fail to realize is the dates stated in the Bible when the rapture would occur. In Matthew 24:34 he stated that he would return before the first century generation had passed away. It’s important to consider what this means from a factual standpoint. Since we are now well into the 21st century, we must ask ourselves the question of were the dates wrong and are we waiting for something that already transpired. The fact is that Jesus told his disciples that he would return before they all died and so we know that this took place many thousands of years ago.

Which is the truth?

Have our churches led us astray or have they simply been misinformed all of this time? We must seek the truths ourselves so as not to be led astray by those who are supposed to lead us to it. The truth is that the church is divided and it is fading and we must answer questions about the Rapture Bible prophecy by digging a little deeper and accepting a lot less of what we are told.

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