Biblical prophecies fulfilled – what you should know

Jesus’s Second Coming In AD 70 was foretold in the books of the Bible. However people have taken this message out of context and applied it to our present-day circumstances. Hence, it is common for everyone to think that the end times are imminent when in fact, this prophecy was already fulfilled when Jesus returned in AD (Luke 21:20-22). By doing sufficient research and keeping an open mind, it is possible to find out what Biblical prophecies fulfilled really means.

What exactly happened?

When Roman armies destroyed the Temples in AD 70, this heralded the end of an age of temple worship. This is what was foretold and what was transcribed in the Bible as scripture. Thousands of years later, we still hold fast to this interpretation of things and use it to try and predict what is in store for our own future. This is a nonsensical approach that can be stopped by gaining a true understanding of the Bible’s real translation.

Is the Antichrist coming

People have feared the Antichrist for many years thinking that some impending evil will arrive on the world scene and completely take over. When metaphors are taken literally, mass confusion ensues. It is important not to accept a translation as gospel since no room for error was accounted for when the Bible was originally translated. You owe it to yourself to find out the truth once and for all when it comes to Biblical prophecies fulfilled.

How to find out the truth

The only way to uncover the truth is to study it. Seekers of truth will have an opportunity to explore what really happened thousands of years ago. With in depth research into the topic, you too can discover what really happened and how this history relates to our present day expectations for the future. The only way to understand more information about Biblical prophecies fulfilled is to learn more by reading publications from seekers of the truth.

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