Get Quality Coffee with Your Chicago Coffee Bean Roaster Process

Tasting the sweet-and-bitter combination of coffee in the morning can really give you that jump start to a busy day. But, you need the right roaster to get you going. This involves knowing the different times and other indications of the roasting process and how you can achieve that aroma and taste you wish. You get quality coffee from simmering high quality beans. With this in mind, it is helpful you understand the roasting process so you can better enjoy your cup of coffee.

First Roasted Stage

When your Chicago coffee bean roaster starts to exhibit a very loud cracking sound, your coffee is already cooked. This means that caramelizing of your sugar begins, and the beans break down where the oils migrate into the water. You can stop the roasting process and enjoy your cup of coffee. The first roasted stage is very much recommended by most coffee blending experts because of its sweetness.

Caramelization Stage

This stage in your Chicago coffee bean roaster process is where the oils continue to migrate and the beans expand to form a full city roast. You know your cue when you’ve got a second crack that is more evident and hectic, as continuous boiling occurs. The taste of this coffee blend tends to be darker than the previous one, and exhibits a very strong coffee taste, as most of the oils would have migrated. This stage is a very strong blend that will give you that boost of energy you deserve.

Darkening Roasted Stage

For those who like it bitter, the third stage, or the French roast, is attained if you leave your Chicago coffee bean roaster to caramelize further. The danger is if your coffee blend is left in the roaster for too long. It may turn out to be burnt sugar, which is beyond bitter and not even healthy. So time things well until you get that distinct aroma and dark texture to your coffee.

These are different qualities of coffee you can get with your roaster. All it takes is for you to time it right and be aware of the cracking that occurs. Your roaster is your device to blend that right mix of coffee for your day-opener, so make sure you roast properly.

Simmer in sprinkles of delicacies with coffee pleasures while getting quality coffee with your Chicago coffee bean roaster process, browse the website today!