Unicorn Molds From N.Y. Cake

Are you searching for specialty cake decorations like unicorn molds to make the perfect cake for the occasion? N.Y. Cake is there to help you out, with a massive selection of cake decorating goods, and free shipping on all orders over $99. Spend less time driving to the baking goods store, and more time baking masterpiece cakes. It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional cake designer for events, or a hobbyist cake maker for birthday parties, you will find what you are looking for and even more at N.Y. Cake. At N.Y. Cake you will find countless brands of the best bakeware and supplies that you won’t find anywhere else. If you have a wedding or birthday party coming up, you can search inventory online at nycake.com and have access to the highest quality cake decorating supplies right at your doorstep within days.

Founded and inspired by neighborhood famous birthday cake designer Joan Mansour, the goal of N.Y. Cake is to provide the world with the highest quality and best priced cake decorating goods. Starting in 1991, Joan has evolved the business from a neighborhood inspired fad into having an original line of cake decorating supplies, as well as a school to teach people how to bake masterpiece cakes called the NY Cake Academy. With a 20,000 square foot warehouse packed to the brim with cake decorating supplies, let N.Y. Cake provide you with the supplies you need. If you need unicorn molds, silicone jelly molds, candy & chocolate molds, mousse molds, and other cool options like food coloring and airbrush colors, you will be in heaven when searching the inventory at N.Y. Cake. Don’t let your next even be forgettable. Bake a phenomenal cake, with phenomenal products.

To find out more about N.Y. Cake, visit, where you can view online inventory, purchase items, and follow N.Y. on virtually all social media platforms.