The Surprising Elegance of Sapphire Scrubs

The word ‘scrubs’ can seldom be associated with the word ‘elegant.’ After all, scrubs were designed to be comfortable. At most, they can be stylish. Stylish as in hip career woman in the medical profession strutting down the street.

But the word elegant, however, is reserved for runways and dinner parties. It represents sophistication, as well as style. And that’s not exactly the kind of thing we think of when we’re at the hospital.

However, we’ve found that Sapphire scrubs pretty much break this mold.

Perfectly Tailored

One of the main reasons that Sapphire scrubs come across as elegant is because they’re of high quality. First of all, the high-end cloth is available in a range colors that are, at once, flattering and modish. The seams are also small and subtle, giving it the tailored look usually reserved for formal suits. The jackets, in particular, maintain the feel of scrubs, but with an added air of professionalism.

It’s in the Details

Many scrubs are made purely for comfort, which is fine because comfort is extremely valuable in the medical profession. However, one look at Sapphire scrubs and you can’t help but notice at all the subtle, luxurious details that are just not available with other scrubs.

For one, the embroidery is fine and beautiful. The buttons look like you could easily sew them onto a silk coat, and they’d feel right at home. And then there’s all the details: the angled stitches and the decorative slits.


While someone wearing Sapphire scrubs would not be lost at a dinner party, they certainly would have one advantage: comfort. Despite the tailored look, it’s incredibly easy to move in these scrubs.

In addition, the fabric is treated with CertaintyTM antimicrobial technology that ensures that you’ll stay fresh and odor-free all day.

We encourage you to at least give Sapphire scrubs a try! You’ll be as surprised with the flattering fit and the ease of movement you get for something so elegant!