How to Use Cake Pop Pans to Get the Perfect Treat

Cake pops are all the rage right now because you can have a delicious and luxurious treat without it breaking the calorie bank. Whether it is for a family member or an office party, you can make these little treats to serve guests. Everyone will feel special and they are small and cute, as well. The many benefits of these cake pops are that guests can have cake without having to have sharp knives for cutting, no serving plates, forks and there is virtually no mess.

While it is very possible to create a cake pop without using pans, it is much easier to use pans to form the balls perfectly. However, cake bakers and professionals tend to prefer handmade pops rather than pan-made pops.

Silicone Pans

Whenever you must get the finished product out of the pan or mold, it is usually best to use silicone because it is naturally non-stick and you can push slightly onto the bottom to release the cake or candy. Another advantage is that food-safe silicone will not overly brown the bottoms of your cakes or pops.


You need to have a sturdy cake recipe in order to make cake pops. The cake must be moist, but dense enough to stay formed and placed on a stick. Most people prefer to use a homemade recipe and not a boxed-cake recipe because box cakes are typically too runny to get the desired effect. The batter should be smooth, but thick, almost like a brownie or muffin batter when you are finished.


Cake pop pans are different than others because you have a bottom and a top. You fill the bottom of the cake pop pan with your batter and then place the top on and bake it. The tops of the pans will have a small hole in the very center. Once you have baked the cakes, remove them from the oven and knock off the excess cake from the top of the pop pan.

Open the pans and take out your cake pops at NY Cake. In most cases, you can simply turn the pan over and let them fall into a clean bowl or dish.

Because the cake pop pans have small ridges, you may need to trim the sides of the pops, so they look like spheres. Place a food-safe stick into each pop and decorate using icing, sprinkles and other goodies.