Elevate Your Next Winter Party with Fake Snow

Do you throw a winter party each year and always want to top what you did the year before? Some people throw winter white parties, where everyone has to wear white and the entire party décor is white. Others just like to throw annual holiday parties to bring family and friends together. No matter why you throw a winter party, consider elevating it to the next level by buying fake snow.

What Is Fake Snow?

Artificial snow is an absorbent polymer that expands when water is added to it. As it expands, it begins to resemble the look and feel of real snow. You can even use ice water to expand the polymers and give the fake snow a realistic, ice-cold feel. Once expanded, it provides the perfect playground for kids or a cool backdrop for photographs for adults. Imagine what an order of fake snow can do for your next winter party, especially if you live in an area that doesn’t receive a lot of snowfall.

Snow Blowing Machines

One of the coolest effects comes from the artificial snow blowing machines. These machines blow out a consistent stream of light snow that melts upon contact with the ground. This type of snow is less messy than ground snow, and provides a great ambiance for a winter party. Consider how many blowers you would need for your party to have a wintery feel, and then order more than one blower if your party area is large. Make sure you buy enough solution for your machine to provide as many hours of snowfall as you will need for your party or the entire holiday season.

Ground Snow for Play

One thing that everyone loves to do with snow is play in it. When you buy fake snow for parties from SnoWonder, you should consider purchasing ground snow. You can build a large snow play area for kids and adults, adding shovels, snow molds, and other snow toys. Even if your party is for adults-only, you’d be surprised how quickly adults run over to play in a huge field of artificial snow. If you want to take your party to the next level, consider fake snow for parties that create memories.