Dating Orlando: 5 Things That You Should Never Do Before Your First Date

First dates are always exciting. Even if you are not familiar with the dating Orlando scene, the mere thought that you could enjoy a glass of wine and a delicious meal with your soul mate in the next 24 hours can make you feel butterflies in your stomach at any age. So how should you cope with the pressure that most people experience before a first date? Just take a deep breath and start channeling the coolest, calmest, most self-confident version of yourself. We all know that busy Orlando professionals are perfectionists by definition. If you want to address all the negative factors that could kill the positive vibe of your first romantic encounter, here are 5 major no-no’s that you should avoid at all costs:

1. Don’t Raise the Bar Too High. Perhaps your ex-spouse was an amazing person. But as painful as it may be, now he/she is a part of your past. Now that you finally feel ready to move on, you should accept the fact that we are all different. When it comes time to start dating Orlando, remember that you have to welcome new people in your life with an open heart. Very rigid selection criteria could limit your options, instead of serving your best interests.

2. Don’t Start to Fabricate Stories Around Your Personal and Professional Background. Don’t try to ornate the story of your life by exaggerating facts; or worse, by lying about whom you really are. Stay true to yourself and try to emphasize the positive aspects of your job and personal life that are actually in accordance with your daily reality.

3. Don’t Drink to “Calm Your Nerves”. The idea of having a drink before going on a date is definitely not a very inspired one. Alcohol and the anxiety that you may be experiencing are far from being a match made in heaven, not to mention the fact that an elevated alcohol intake can have a negative impact on your personality and emotions. At the end of the day, alcohol may eliminate your inhibitions, but it could also compromise your first date.

4. Don’t Overstress Yourself with Little Details. One of the most important rules of dating Orlando is this: keep a cool head and relearn how to have fun! Try to worry less about your hairstyle or the first words that you’re going to use to greet your partner. Let things flow naturally; a natural unforced approach will mark the beginning of an evening to remember.

5. Don’t Forget to Dress to Impress. Make sure the attire that you plan to wear matches the occasion. If the event that you’re planning to attend requires a dress code, do your best to respect it! Colors are another aspect that you should consider. According to recent studies, men who wear blue and women who opt for reddish tones are more likely to be considered attractive by their partners on a first date.

At the end of the day, you just have to make the right choices when it comes to first dates. Start by going in favor of a professional matchmaking service to save time and energy and get a better shot at love.