Choosing the best cake turntable

As a professional baker or cake maker, you know the importance of a cake turntable. However selecting the right one can sometimes be a challenge. Whether you are upgrading to a new turntable or you are purchasing one for the very first time, there are some guidelines to keep in mind. By using the below tips, you will be well on your way to choosing just the right cake turntable for your baking needs.

The height makes a difference

If your turntable is too low down to the table, it can make it hard to do your job well. When you are choosing a cake turntable, it helps to select one that is high enough to allow you to decorate the cake properly. If you are unsure which height you will need, take a tape measure and measure the tabletop upwards and stop at the point that the cake turntable will be. You can then envision the height of the table as if it were in front of you. With this method, you can have a better idea as to which cake turntable to use.

Cast Iron Cake Turntable

One of the best types of cake turntables you can choose is a cast iron one. This type of cake turntable is strong and durable and grips the surface effectively to prevent slipping. If you are looking for the best cake turntable as a beginning or experienced cake decorator, this option will work well for your needs.

Beginner cake turntable

Another option to consider is a beginner cake turntable. This is a great option for the cake decorator that is looking for a small and basic table to start practising with. These are typically only about 2 inches high and allow for 360 degree turns.

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