3 Features to Consider When Shopping for Gymnastics Leotards

Do you have a young girl in your life who is interested in participating in gymnastics? If so, you already know the importance of having girls gymnastics leotards for both practices and competitions. But, how do you choose the right leotards for a young girl? Check out three features to consider as you browse a selection of leotards for girls.


If a girl is on a gymnastics team, she may need a leotard with colors that echo her team’s colors. Or, she may favor one color for practice and another for competitions. Fortunately, there are leotards available in many colors both bright and subtle that are made to suit the tastes and preferences of many gymnasts.


When it comes to leotards, there is not a one-size-fits-all design. Some leotards have long sleeves while others are sleeveless or have three-quarter sleeves. Furthermore, some leotards have thick straps that crisscross in the back while others stretch straight over the shoulders. Comfort has a lot to do with the design a gymnast chooses. Some girls feel comfortable with an imaginative strap design while others prefer a more traditional look. Trying on girls gymnastics leotards in different designs can be helpful.


The size of a leotard is an important feature to consider. A young girl should choose a leotard that fits comfortably and doesn’t pinch around the arms or legs. She needs to be able to move freely and be as flexible as she can throughout her routines. However, the leotard must not shift out of place as the girl moves so she can focus on her gymnastics instead of the fit of her leotard.

Lastly, a girl’s choice of leotard style can be a reflection of her personality. In fact, a leotard serves both a practical and a decorative purpose.

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