3 Benefits of Terra Cotta Flower Pots over Plastic

You have plenty of options in ways to display your plants and flowers. Many people instantly turn to traditional plastic pots. These are an okay option and often provide a very basic solution. But, it is necessary to consider a bit more detail in the pots you use in most situations. Terra cotta flower pots offer some key benefits over traditional plastic products. If you are planning to upgrade or change out the planters you use, you will want to consider terra cotta for many reasons.

Why You Will Love Them

There are many benefits of using terra cotta flower pots over any other product. For example, these are heavier planters. As a result, they can handle more intense wind and thunderstorms. They are not as likely to tip over as plastic products. This helps to protect the plant and its root system from damage.

Another key benefit is aeration. Plant roots need to have some access to healthy oxygen in the soil. The problem with plastic is it locks out any type of aeration. However, terra cotta does not. It allows for the air to move through the soil. This helps to improve the overall health of the plant.

In the same manner, it also helps with moisture control. The terra cotta itself will hold some of the moisture the plant needs in it. This allows for the soil to remain at the right level to ensure proper growth without allowing the plant to have too much water present.

Terra cotta flower pots are also very beautiful. When you choose a high quality, hand crafted product, you will love displaying these. They will look fabulous no matter where you place them and no matter what type of flowers you add to them.