Turning your Dining Room into a Pleasant Family Area

When decorating your home with new furniture, be sure to consider it as an investment. Fine tables and chairs may not always be perfectly affordable and could require some saving, but they do have the potential to remain with your home and family for many years, and could even end up being passed down to children. As you are searching for the finest dining room furniture in Ottawa, there are a number of things to consider which will ensure you are more than happy with your purchase.

Creating a Contemporary Meeting Place

The kitchen may be the heart of the home, but the dining room is a close second. Before running off to Simply Wood to purchase your new dining room furniture on Ottawa, here are a few things to keep in mind:

What will the room be used for? If it’s going to just be an occasional get-together spot for family during holidays, you may want to invest more into getting more exotic finishes. On the other hand, if it will be used daily for meals, it’s best to focus on durability and function.

Will this be formal or casual décor? In a formal setting, the chairs should slide under the table, while casual does not matter. In addition, a formal setting should have chairs placed 24 inches away from each other, and 36 inches away from the wall.

What about design elements? Depending on the previous question, design elements can include anything from potted plants in the corner, window dressings, artwork on the walls, and rugs. Additionally, placing a single centerpiece on the table can help tie it all together.

Furniture isn’t the only design elements to consider, however. You can also look into paint or wallpaper. Depending on the surrounding areas and the ambience you wish to create, different shades and colors can complement the room and its furniture as well as change the moods of its occupants.

Dining Room is Finished, Now for the Rest of the House!

You bought the table and the chairs from Simply Wood. You got it all moved into the dining room and it looks great! But now you realize the living room could use some new furnishings; and what about your bedroom? The kids would probably love a bunk bed! And you can even turn that extra bedroom into a complete home office. Remodeling and refurnishing a home can be an addiction. Once you start it’s hard to stop!