The land of Mexican chocolate cookies and other mouth watering desserts

Mexico is a land of deep-rooted cultures and traditions. For three hundred years, it was colonized by Spain. Naturally, the country has a strong Spanish influence, be it in its dialect or its cuisine. In fact, with a population exceeding 112 million, Mexico is the largest Spanish speaking country in the world. Despite being the melting pot of many cultures like the Aztecs and the Mayans, Mexicans take pride in their indigenous heritage. And one important element of their ancient tradition is cooking. It is not surprising that Mexican food is famous the world over. From sodas, hot chocolate, salsas, pastas and tortillas to chili peppers, Mexican chocolate cookies, nachos, chips and desserts, this southern-most federation in North America has a lot to offer to food aficionados.

Mexican chocolate cookies are easy to make

Mexican chocolate cookies not only appeal to your taste buds but are also easy to prepare. Most of the ingredients are readily available in your local grocery store. If you do not find one near you, you can always order online from a reputed food store. You can also get ready-to-eat cookies sitting at your home with the click of a mouse. Some authentic Mexican food stores offer the same great taste at affordable rates over the Internet. Bittersweet chocolate, with just the right amount of heat from ground peppers – that’s Mexican chocolate cookies for you. They go down well after dinner and complete your meal. And if you may, wash it down with red wine.
The interplay of bitter chocolate, peppers and baking powder

The main element of Mexican chocolate cookies is, well, chocolate! You will need bittersweet, coarsely chopped chocolate, flour, ground cinnamon, baking powder, black pepper, red pepper, sugar, butter, vanilla extract, eggs and salt to taste. The first step is preheating the oven to about 350 degrees. Place chocolate in a bowl and put it inside the microwave for about a minute or until the chocolate melts. You need to continue stirring till it develops a smooth, uniform texture. Leave it to cool at room temperature. Next, combine flour, cinnamon, baking powder, black and red pepper and whisk these properly.

Your Mexican chocolate cookies are almost ready

Then, add sugar and butter and blend them with a mixer at average speed. Add one egg to this mixture and beat well. After this, you need to add vanilla and the cooled chocolate and beat these until blended. Then, take the flour mixture, and add it to the chocolate and vanilla mixture until they blend properly. Get a baking sheet and coat it with some cooking spray. Next, drop dough on the sheet, about two inches apart, and bake for ten minutes at 350 degrees. Your Mexican chocolate cookies are almost ready. Remove from the oven, cool for two minutes and have a bite. Buen provecho!

If you are looking for the yummiest Mexican chocolate cookies, try out an authentic, online Mexican food store.