The Importance of Giving and Receiving

Many people today speak of “karma”. This is the belief that what “goes around, comes around”. In other words good actions bring back good actions and bad actions bring back bad. Many people do not realize that this is good old fashioned Christian beliefs that Jesus shared with his disciples and followers. Bishop Bernard Jordan wants us all to remember the importance of giving and receiving as this is all about how your actions affect the actions of others.

Jesus told his disciples that they should go out and heal the sick and raise the dead as Jesus had as they had received his love and blessings and he wanted them go forth and do the same. He told them they had received and therefore it was now there turn to give. This is the same idea as what goes around comes around. When you receive gifts from God it is not enough to be grateful. You must take those gifts and use them as a reason to give yourself.

With every kind gesture you make without thought of anything in return you are sending out God’s message and sharing the teachings of Jesus. This is why Jesus was sent down to heaven to show us how easy it is to live with kindness in our hearts. Jesus taught us to love one another in order to see the gift of salvation and eternal life. He taught us that obedience would bring us great joy as we share with others we share love which is returned to us again and again.

When we only take, people are less likely to want to give more to us. It is usually the people who share who are given thanks from those around them. Those who are selfish and unkind do not receive rewards other than the material things they take. They will not feel fulfilled in their hearts and more importantly they will not see God. Their ultimate reward will be death, not eternal life.

With the knowledge that one must be obedient and live with kindness and brotherly love in order to be welcomed into heaven it shows you the importance of the circle of giving and receiving. Bishop Bernard Jordan want you have the gift of faith to guide you and find eternal happiness.