Setting Up the Perfect Winter Scene

Having a snowy display at your next event can be a great way to impress your guests. Imagine a wedding reception or a dinner, with a winter scene complete with fake snow maker, set up in a corner with realistic snow where guests can pose for pictures. Or, you could decorate your front yard for the holidays, complete with snow in the air and on the ground. With the right equipment and materials, you can set up a snowy display that will be sure to amaze your guests. These days, it’s not even that expensive to get a fake snow makerand you can get your hands on professional-grade equipment for a lot less than you would imagine. Whether you are setting up a dance party, wedding reception, a special event, or even just decorating for the holidays, anyone can have top-of-the line artificial snow effects.

Fake Snow Machines

In order to get the effect of snow flying through the air, you will need to buy a fake snow machine. These machines create little particles of foam that fly around in the air, and look remarkably like real snow falling. The foam bubbles are so tiny, that you can’t even tell what they are, even up close. The only real way to really see is to go right up and touch the flakes. The special snow solution that is used in these snow machines is safe, and will very quickly evaporate once it lands. This means that you can use these machines indoors or outdoors without causing a huge mess. There is no residue or anything left behind after the snowflakes evaporate. However, in order to create an accumulated effect of snow on the ground or other surfaces, you need artificial snow that will not evaporate.

Instant Snow Powder

Instant snow powder is what you need to have fake snow accumulated on the ground. You and your guests will not believe how realistic this stuff looks. Originally the instant snow powder was developed to use at indoor snowboarding parks. If the instant snow powder is good enough to really ski or snowboard on, imagine how realistic it must look and feel. As an added bonus, it will stay exactly where you place it without melting or deteriorating, as long as it’s kept slightly moist. The first company in the US to make this powder available to the general market was Business Name. They also sell snow machines that you can buy.