Making The Decision To Eat A Healthy Diet

Over the past few years, there has been a growing popularity and awareness over the importance of eating foods free of harmful chemicals. Most foods on the market today have been treated in one form or another. This is done to improve the food’s taste, texture and shelf life. The problem, however, is that the food is no longer in its natural state, which can have health-related consequences for the consumers. If you are ready to say “no” to chemically laced foods, then shop for your groceries at a fresh market in Atlanta GA.

Many consumer groups are now advocating for organic foods to become more accessible. It is a known fact that poorer communities have a higher rate of obesity. This is partly due to the lack of access to whole and natural foods. In addition, processed foods may also have hidden dangers. When foods containing traces of pesticides and other chemicals are consumed, it can impede on your body’s ability to produce cells. It can also contribute to cell mutation, which can lead to cancer and other diseases.

Research has also shown that organic foods have a higher nutritional content than those that are artificially processed. Likewise, livestock and poultry that are grass fed and not injected with growth hormones also produce meat that is higher in minerals and omega-3 fatty acids.

A fresh market in Atlanta GA has pledged to only obtain its products from farms and factories that do not use any form of chemicals or preservatives. This is why most fresh markets are considered a trustworthy source for consumers to obtain food that ends up on the dinner table.

The World Health Organization has even stepped in and began pressuring food suppliers to eliminate certain substances from their foods. This includes unhealthy ingredients like partially hydrogenated oils, which has been shown to increase the risk for cancer and heart disease.

Ultimately, you are responsible for the food choices you make. Eating right shouldn’t just be something you do occasionally or when it is convenient for you. It is something that should become a lifelong habit. Your body will thank you for it by functionally optimally. A fresh market in Atlanta GA makes it easy for you to obtain everything you need for preparing a healthy meal for you and your family each and every time.