Looking for Signs of God Everyday

Have you considered why so many others are able to remain steadfast in their faith while yours falters? It is because they look for signs of God’s existence everyday. Master Prophet Jordan knows that God is here for all of us as he receives messages from God everyday. He knows that those who have the strongest faith see signs of God’s existence and thank God for his special gifts for his intervention and guidance.

Small Miracles

You have to open your eyes and watch for God working on earth. Listen to stories from co-workers and family. Watch people interacting around you. You will begin to see more and more “mini” miracles taking place. People helping each other, fighting illness, finding love and overcoming poverty and addiction; these are all signs of God’s work. It is important to understand that although man may have free will and create unhappiness for himself, God continues to watch over us when we are brave enough to turn our hearts over to him in faith.

Walk with Jesus

You are given the opportunity to walk with Jesus. This means that you can live your life as Jesus did with love in your heart and acts of charity and kindness  everyday. There is so much you have to give and you can work with Master Prophet Jordan to discover God’s plans for you. A personal prophecy can show you how you can walk with Jesus and allow you to understand God wants you to be happy. The bible says that when we delight in the Lord he will give you the desires of your heart in Psalms 37:4. This is because as any good Father he longs for you to be happy and accept his love in faith so he can share his gifts with you.

Choose Kindness

When you choose to live your life with kindness you will feel better and see how your love makes others happy. Reaching out to someone who seems lonely, sharing food with someone who is hungry or giving aid to someone who is ill are ways you can create small miracles for those around you. It is these small miracles that help spread God’s word and help people to regain their faith. These are the signs of God’s existence that will help people see the beauty of the world when they choose to walk with God.