How to Use Quiet Time to Get Closer to God

In this hectic world it can be difficult to find some time to unwind and keep your mind at peace. Finding quiet time is important to help you overcome stress as well as a way to find time to meditate and come closer to God. Here are a few ideas to get the most out of your quiet time by focusing your thoughts on God’s word and message.

Peace and Quiet
First find a place where you can enjoy some peace and quiet without interruption. You want to feel comfortable and avoid distraction so you can concentrate on building your relationship with God. A comfy couch, a seat in front of the fire or a place beneath a tree in your favorite park can all be perfect spots to find some peace and quiet each day.

Daily Devotions Online
Daily devotions are a perfect way to meditate on God and his message. You can often find daily devotions online and read through them until you find ones that speak to you. You can print them off or access them on your phone or tablet and read them while reflecting on their meaning and how they apply to your life.

Read the Bible
Reading the bible is a good way to learn more about God. It is like meeting a new friend. The more you speak, the more you get to know each other. The bible provides the basis for a relationship with God and reading about his work and the messages he has shared with the prophets, apostles and messengers will help you focus on his ways.

Reflect and Learn
As you are inspired by your daily devotions and readings you must reflect on what you read and learn from the message you feel God is sending you. Many people find it helpful to ask some questions such as “What is God’s message here?” or “What sin is being demonstrated here?” You will often find a different message in each passage that you read or notice cross overs that are consistent with God’s message. Learn from each insight you gain not only about God but about your relationship with him and what you can do to make it stronger.

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