How to Store Cheap Flavored Cigars

Cigars are fast becoming popular among the different social groups. You can now find people that would be considered to be from a lower financial class comfortably smoking cigars. It has even gone a step further with the advent of flavored cigars.

Flavored cigars are infused with different desirable flavors like cherry, menthol, candy, strawberry, grape or coffee that mask the taste and smell of the tobacco, thus making cigar smoking a more bearable activity.

This has however led to an increase in the number of youth that smoke cigars. The practice has become very common that one can easily find cheap flavored cigars in stores or online. You just need to ask around and you will find out.

Once you buy your cigars you need to know how to store them properly. Storing cheap flavored cigars is a bit different from normal cigars. This is because of the flavors that have been infused into the cigars. They could easily be contaminated by other flavors from the atmosphere or other cigars. This would ruin the whole experience of smoking flavored cigars.

Keep them in their original packaging

When you buy cheap flavored cigars you should keep them in the same tubes or cellophane that they came in especially if you do not plan on smoking them immediately. Keeping them there reduces loss of flavor to the atmosphere.

Do not mix them with other cigars  

Even if you keep the packaging you should not store infused cigars with natural cigars. The natural cigars will absorb some of the flavor from the infused cigars and they will be ruined since that was not the intended flavor for the natural cigars.

Age is not just a number

Flavored cigars do not need aging. Storing them is essentially for the purpose of preserving them and protecting them from damage. Aging them may cause them to lose the flavor or make the flavor a bit complex since the composition of tobacco and flavor will have changed. This will alter the taste of the cigar.

Where to put them

You can store your flavored cigars in a small separate humidor if they are few. You can also use a Tupperware container or a zip-lock bag together with a humi-pillow.

When you begin the actual smoking of flavored cigars you should take breaks in between to rest your palate. This will allow you to enjoy the taste of the cigars since the flavors may sort of cause fatigue to your palate.

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