How to Avoid Living the “Weekend Warrior” Christian Life

It can be quite perplexing when you drive by a busy church on a Sunday and see the looks on people’s faces as they fight their way out of the parking lot. A traffic jam in a church parking lot should be a sign to every Christian that God’s love is just as real and alive as ever; even more so. However, it is clear that people are not leaving the church with God’s love in their hearts. The sound of the car horn’s shows we still have impatience and anger even moments after receiving God into our hearts. This is a symptom of the “weekend warrior” Christian. The weekend warrior Christian spends time in church on Sunday, but does not follow God’s teachings the rest of the week. A Free Personal Prophecy can show you how to live God’s teachings seven days a week.

Monday Blues
Another good example of the weekend warrior Christian is the Monday Blues. If you wake up every Monday with an attitude that your life “stinks” and you are dreading getting back into the routine of the week you need to turn to your faith to give you strength. Living with God’s love means following in Jesus’ footsteps Monday-Saturday, not just for an hour in church every Sunday. You should take strength from the words you hear at the sermon and use this to get through the week. In fact, it should not be about getting through the week; it should be about loving the week and life because you are filled with God’s love. A free personal prophecy will help you see all the good God has in store for you and make you jump out of bed every Monday morning grateful for a new day.

Sunday “Sacrifice”
If you view Sundays as the day you must sacrifice an hour of your time to be closer to God, then you do not understand the meaning of sacrifice. Your faith must be built on the sacrifice Jesus made for you and your appreciation for how much love it took to give this ultimate gift to all of us. God’s love is the faith you must carry in your heart 24/7 so you can truly reap the rewards that faith can provide you.

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