Drew Estate – the Leading Name in Cigars

Cigars before Drew Estate continued to only be a commodity that was used by the rich and the traditional cigar enthusiast. It was only after the company by the name of Drew Estate was formed that the boundaries of the cigar industry were stretched to the limits with new potential being unearthed in the form of some stunning cigars. One of the most important things that can be attributed to this company is the rebranding of the cigar market and to have opened it up for a larger audience that stretches well beyond the usual cigar enthusiasts.

The History and the Start

The company that has quickly risen to become one of the top cigar producing companies in the US and all over the world was founded by Jonathan Drew who named the company after his family name. Ever since the inception of the company, the founder knew that the company wouldn’t limit itself to the traditional customer base. He wanted his company to stretch the limits of the industry to make the market reach its potential.

The company started its way forward in the industry with the tag line “the rebirth of cigars”. The growth of the company and with it the expansion of the market of cigars proved this tag line to be rather fitting in the overall scheme of things.

The Best Produce

Drew Estate has a long list of popular cigar products in the market, yet some of them have really captured the market with their flavors. Here are the two most sought after cigars from the Drew Estate.

  • Nica Rustica

Nica Rustica is one of the most popular cigars produced by the Estate. The cigar is known to be made for the hardcore tobaccos lovers. The cigar is made to look rustic, true to its name and is draped in a rugged looking Maduro Connecticut broad leaf wrapper. Nica Rustica continues to have one of the strongest demands in the cigar market a testament to its superior flavors and tobacco strength.

  • My Uzi weighs a ton

My Uzi weighs a ton or MUWAT as its known is one cigar that has broken the barriers of cigar enthusiasm and is popular among the general public as much as the traditionalists. A dark chocolate first look, it tastes a complex and vast array of flavors enticing the user to cut it and toast at the earliest possible time.  My Uzi is sure to leave you with a desire for more each time you try this nicely made Estate cigar.