Diaper Bags: Baby Chic

Petunia Pickle Bottom is the hottest name in baby chic for new moms. With trendy and functional diaper bags that will take you from the grocery store to Grenada, you will fall in love with these designs.

Each Petunia Pickle Bottom baby chic bag for mom has many wonderful options of the highest quality. Changing pads become built in changing stations and shoulder straps can be easily converted to fit the stroller.

Boxy Backpacks

The Boxy Backpack is the ultimate traveler for mom and baby. It doubles as a hands free backpack and a stylish messenger bag. All Boxy Backpacks come with a built-in changing station for busy moms on the go. The changing pad is detachable for easy changing of baby and for easy cleaning.

Babies who are active need their supplies to be handy at all times. That is why the Boxy Backpack has plenty of compartments. It is equipped with two pockets large enough for diaper wipes, four pockets for bottles, two pockets for essentials, a pacifier size pocket, a detachable pocket perfect for dirty diapers, a key clip to help mom keep up with her keys, and a monogrammed baby wipes case.

The Boxy Backpack comes in a variety of exciting patterns including Holiday in the Hague, Black Currant, Delightful, Dubrovnik, And Santiago Sunset.

The Abundance Boxy Backpack is a larger version of the Boxy Backpack. It is perfect choice for mothers of twins or multiples. This traveling companion has an extra large central compartment and large pockets with lots of room. In addition to the built-in changing station and removable changing pad that come with the standard Boxy Backpack, the Abundance Backpack comes with four diaper wipe pockets, three essential pockets, three pacifier pockets, a detachable pouch for dirty diapers, a key ring clip, and a monogrammed diaper wipe case.

The Abundance Boxy Backpack is available in four amazing patterns: Peaceful Portofino, Heavenly Holland, Frolicking in Fez, and Passport to Prague.

One Pieces

The One Pieces by Petunia Pickle Bottom are perfect for the urban mom. These unique diaper bags have a wide shoulder strap and can be worn shoulder bag style or as a messenger bag. The outside of the diaper bag has a conveniently placed cell phone holder – a favorite with Petunia Pickle Bottom customers who no longer have to dig through bags to find their phones.

The One Pieces come in several patterns such as the lovely Cobalt Roll, the Toffee Roll, and the Popular Evening in Innsbruck with a hand embroidered detail of gold. Each bag has four pockets for baby bottles – two inside and two outside – three large back pockets, a key clip, two interior pockets, a pocket for a pacifier, and a monogrammed case for diaper wipes.

All of these delightful Petunia Pickle Bottom baby chic bags for mom are lined and water resistant. The exteriors of the Boxy Backpack, the Abundance Boxy Backpack, and the One Pieces are PVC-Free glazed and easy to clean. Mom can wipe the exterior and interior of her bag with a damp cloth.

Look no further than Petunia Pickle Bottom for the best in baby chic bags.

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