You Can Still Get Great Taste with Cheap Filtered Cigars

It is a fact that cigarette smoking is declining among the American population. While many people may point to the health risks that come with smoking, in accordance to the anti-smoking campaigns that can be found online, on television, in print and even on billboards around town, there is a more likely reason.

Cigarettes just don’t taste very good. Sure, you will come to crave a cigarette if you are a two packs a day kind of person, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you like smoking cigarettes. You cannot find flavored cigarettes in the United States, so the taste is largely the same boring thing. But, you can still get great taste with cheap filtered cigars.

When compared to cigarettes, cigars are known for robust flavors. They are often collected, stored in fancy humidors, and brought out for special occasions. There is a reason that many traditions include lighting up a fine cigar when good news is to be shared or achievements are to be celebrated.

However, cigars do not need to be so pricey to maintain great flavor. In fact, this is one reason that, while the population in the United States smokes less now than it did in recent decades, cigar smoking is actually on the rise.

Cheap filtered cigars offer an alternative to cigarettes because they can have flavors added. This includes refined tastes such as chocolate, vanilla or coffee, but can also incorporate fruity flavors. Popular choices like cherry, strawberry kiwi, and grape are popular in many different brands of cheap filtered cigarettes.

This is an easy way to break out of the routine of sucking down cigarette after cigarette in order to get a fix. Most cigar smokers actually enjoy smoking, and would rather slow down and savor the flavor of a quality cigar. Cheap filtered cigars allow that same feeling for a far less expensive price than more expensive cigars.

In some instances, smoking cheap filtered cigars may actually be safer than smoking cigarettes as well. This, of course, stems from the way cigarette smokers fully inhale when smoking. Even filtered cigars, which many novices feel are nearly exactly the same as cigarettes, should not be fully inhaled. This leads to fewer health risks, particularly among those who smoke cigars first before they ever begin smoking cigarettes.

If it is flavor you are after, put down cigarettes and go for a cheap filtered cigar.