Will Jewelers Who Sell Pieces Made of the Finest Gold Buy from CA Customers?

You are probably well aware that you can go to a high end jeweler and buy beautiful gold jewelry. But most people are not aware that that many jewelers who sell jewelry made of the Finest Gold Buy CA customers’ jewelry as well, and they pay cash. They often provide many other valuable services as well.

The same Jeweler who you sold you a class ring, a wedding set, or gifts for special occasions may also help you get cash, help create unique pieces, or assist you to maintain your best jewelry. Some of the ways they do this include:

BUYING JEWELRY AND GOLD: Even if you have old watches, rings, necklaces, and bracelets that are broken, they could be worth money. Odd pieces of sterling silver may be more valuable than you think. Gold holds it values very well, and vintage gold jewelry, gold dental fillings, and antique jewelry could bring in more cash than you imagine. If your jeweler is a qualified buyer, he will appraise your pieces and typically offer you cash for them. Many also give you the option to receive credit against purchases.

CUSTOM JEWELRY: Some people choose to have several pieces of older jewelry reset, remounted, or redesigned, to create a new and unique design. You can also work with your jeweler to create a custom piece from scratch. He will help you select the right metals, settings, stones, and colors to create exactly what you want.

REPAIR AND RESIZE: Often worn or broken jewelry can be given new life with just a few adjustments. Jewelers can resize pieces, reset jewels, and polish jewelry. They can change watch batteries and size bands to fit. Many will restring pearls and beads to your taste. They can solder wedding sets together as well as re-tip, re-prong, and reset the stones.

PERSONALIZATION: Nothing makes a gift or piece of jewelry more unique than an inscription, and your jeweler can engrave messages to memorialize any sentiment or event. You may choose various styles and fonts, to customize the message.

Your jeweler is your first choice for traditional gift and jewelry buying, but they can also be a source of ready cash and the creative experts who help you personalize and maintain your jewelry.