What To Keep In Mind When Buying A Pub Sign

Pub signs are becoming an increasingly popular item of decor, especially in a man cave. This is hardly surprising, given that vintage pub signs can bring a classy yet fun look to any room. As vintage signs they grow in popularity, so do cheaply made signs, which will break or fade significantly faster. While some consumers have taken them off the walls of pubs across the country in an effort to get the look without cost, there are other alternate ways to have the vintage look without theft. Here are some things to keep in mind when buying a pub sign.

Shop Online

As vintage pub signs continue to rise in popularity so too does their availability in stores. Still, some of the ones that can be found at pop-up stores and discount chains are produced cheaply. Shopping online takes advantage of the global nature of the internet, and can connect a buyer with a seller. Find a reputable store or other online retailer, and browse away.

Shop For Style

Keep the overall decor of the room the sign will adorn in mind when browsing. With so many different styles to choose from, it should be relatively easy to find something that will suit almost any room or man cave. Avoid signs in colors that contrast the wall, and try to find ones that compliment the other decorations and pictures in the room.

Shop For The Man

When picking out a pub sign, pick one that will be appreciated. Try not to pick on that is ill-suited to the receiver’s sense of humor or one that is irrelevant to his lifestyle. Take some time to browse in order to find the right one for that man. After all, no one wants to receive something they don’t want to hang up and no one likes to feel that their gift is unappreciated.


Many retailers offer personalization as one of their services. Take them up on this if possible. WHen looking for the ideal sign, find one that could easily be personalized with the receiver’s name or one where a date can be inserted. This is a great way to make the gift feel more touching.


Be sure that the sign you select will fit on the intended wall, and that it will be proportionate to other items in the room.

Don’t Forget Add-ons

While most people have a hammer and nails at home, when picking out a pub sign, remember to make a stop by the hardware store and include the appropriate hanging tools.

For more information about buying a vintage pub sign, contact website.