Wear the Rarest Fossils in the World by Purchasing Dinosaur Bone Rings

If you like to reflect your personality through the things you wear, you probably love jewelry and one of the latest crazes to swamp the jewelry world is dinosaur bone rings. Dinosaur bone is a rare type of fossil that can be traced to as far back as 150 million years ago. Also known as gem bone, dinosaur bone can be transformed into a wide range of artistic pieces, but it works best with jewelry. This beautiful type of gemstone can be found in an array of colors and when merged with quartz crystals and silica, the final result is flawless. These bones can be found around the globe and if you visit a jewelry supplier for dinosaur bone rings, you can guarantee that you will turn heads with your strange, yet enchanting piece.


Speckles of color can be found in dinosaur bone rings and when you look really closely, you will notice that interesting patterns flow throughout the entire design. The radiant patterns make this type of jewelry very popular with both women and men and colors are there for a reason. So, why does dinosaur bone look so different to other types of jewelry? Well, the vibrant colors you see merged into the gemstone are created because certain minerals mix together. These minerals are iron-oxide, chlorite, manganese and chromium.


The great thing about dinosaur bone rings is that they can be bought in various shapes and sizes, meaning they satisfy people of all tastes. The strong material is smooth in texture and can be sculpted onto different types of ring bands. Rectangular, circular, heart-shaped and oval rings are very popular and when worn with gold, the colors of the dinosaur bone will really stand out. Dinosaur bone also looks good when used as inlay on silver, titanium or even meteorite rings.


It is not just dinosaur bone rings that you can purchase from a jewelry supplier because this material is perfect for an entire collection of jewelry. Dinosaur bone pendants look fantastic on a thick gold chain and if you are hoping to buy an engagement ring, consider buying a gem bone wedding set. Diamonds can be embedded on top of the bone with claw ring settings. Alternatively, buy a bracelet, bangle, anklet or pair of earrings made out of this rare fossil. Some jewelry specialists can create custom made pieces, which is a good idea if you are looking for a memorable gift for that special someone. Know someone who collects pins? Dinosaur bone can also be used as pins and even hair clips, so choose your piece wisely.