Types Of Women’s Shoulder Bags

When it comes to women’s Shoulder Bags, you should know there are quite a few of them to choose from. There are plenty of types you can go with and while some of them are perfect for that perfect night out with your spouse, others would make great accessories for a business meeting. If you’re shopping for one and you don’t know what styles you’ll come across, then don’t worry, as in the following paragraphs we’ll learn more about them.

Small Purses

Small bags generally use 2 shoulder straps, are often square and flat and they can easily fit a moderate amount of items. Pouch bags are generally attached to quite a long strap and they are also small. If you want, you can wear them over the shoulder on the opposite side of your body or just on one shoulder. Because they are so small, you can usually take them with you on special events where you would not want to be held back by a large purse that would quickly get you tired as well.


Many people just want to spare their shoulders and back the discomfort of a heavy bag and that is why they’ll use rolling luggage. However, put in the same situation, others will just use a shoulder bag. In some cases, these bags are called a holdall and that is due to the fact that they actually provide a lot of space to fit plenty of items. While the holdalls use a single strap, plenty of other bags will use two and both types are made out of leather in order to maximize durability.

Messenger Bag

The messenger bag features a single long strap and it also features a rectangular and large pouch. Traditionally, they are worn with the strap around the shoulder and the pouch on one side. The reason? Well, this way it will help with distributing the weight of the bag across the body. In terms of materials used to make them, Women’s Shoulder Bags are generally made from leather or canvas and in what regards the colors, they are generally found in earth tones. Due to their size, these types of bags are able to accommodate all of your makeup, some body sprays, a few T-shirts and anything else a lady might need when traveling.

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