Trendy and Fashionable Diamond Jewelry

Diamonds are as popular today as they were when Marilyn Monroe sang about how diamonds were “a girl’s best friend.” There are two things you can count on in the fashion industry: styles and trends are always changing, and they love to put a modern twist on old styles. You can not only count on those two things being true when it comes to clothes, hair, and makeup, but also with jewelry. So how is jewelry design making “a girl’s best friend” fit into 21st century style? Let’s see:

Vintage Inspiration – Back in the day, every woman had her special pieces of diamond jewelry. They ranged from brooches to rings, to hair ornaments. Designers are going back to basics with their vintage designs, bringing back the antique Victorian design to the Art Deco look of the 1930s. You can add these vintage pieces to just about any outfit too, except perhaps your sweats. Perk up your little black dress with a diamond peacock brooch, or dress up your hairdo with a diamond flower pin. The possibilities are endless!

Mod Design – Some of these designs could be considered vintage in a way because they somewhat resemble the mod fashion of the 1960s. The difference is that the rings are more intricately designed, they incorporate real stones, and they are at times quite a bit larger than their vintage counterparts. Many of these rings incorporate colored enamel pieces, silver, and diamonds. The designs can take on a mod sort of Salvador Dali kind of feel with the metal and enamel being cut into wavy, non-symmetrical designs. Or, they can be a bit more mainstreamed; still large and colorful, but with more of a classic shape. And, of course, all are studded with diamonds!

Black – Black is always in style, and there are so many options when it comes to fashionable jewelry. There are the ever scintillating black diamonds, as well as the popular black gold. In addition, black enamel and black rubber are being used frequently, too. There are so many fun designs with black accents. Take, for example, one of the mod rings discussed above. You can create a fresh piece with black and white round, or rounded square, enamel pieces inlayed in silver. Add to that a diamond stud in the middle of each circle or rounded square and you’ve got yourself a masterpiece! Or, imagine a ring with two circles intertwined. The circle on the left is white diamonds and the circle on the right is black diamonds, and they are set in white gold or platinum. Talk about a unique piece!

Whatever your style preferences, there is an abundance of fashionable and trendy diamond jewelry styles just for you!