Tips to Care for Wood Bedroom Furniture

Real wood furniture requires good care to keep the shiny appearance and good health of the wood. Some wood furniture owners aren’t sure whether to wax, polish, or dust wood furnishings in order to keep the wood looking good. For wood bedroom furniture, Ottawa furniture makers can give you special cleaning and caring instructions for your new bedroom pieces. If you own other wood pieces but don’t have care instructions for that wood, here are some tips to keep your wood furniture like new.

Care for Unfinished Wood

Unfinished wood is wood that does not have a protective sealant on it. A dust cloth meant to pull up dust particles is perfect for maintenance cleaning and will remove particles of debris that builds up on the wood’s surface. If you notice dirt that needs more than a dusting, you can use a damp cloth to remove it, or mild soap and water for tougher dirt buildup. When you buy unfinished modern furniture for bedroom Ottawa, the store may carry a line of oils perfect for maintaining your unfinished wood. Lemon oil is good for unfinished wood, and it will soak into the grain and give your furniture a nice color and texture.

Care for Finished Wood Furniture

Finished wood has a protectant sealant that makes it easier to clean the wood and keep it from being scratched. Mild dusting is perfect for maintenance cleaning, but you can skip the step of oiling the wood. Since finished wood already has a protective sealant, the oil will not create a thicker barrier than the sealant provides. Never use any sort of solvent on your wood as that can damage the sealant and the wood.

Paste wax is good for shining up finished wood. You can purchase furniture paste wax, roll it into a ball, place it inside a thin rag, and gently wax the surface of your bedroom furniture. Ottawa homeowners should be careful to go with the grain of the wood when waxing in order to avoid streaks. Wax is helpful too because you won’t see fingerprints in the wax like you would a furniture oil. If you maintain your wood bedroom furniture regularly, it will keep its’ like new appearance for years.