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Apparel Stocklot Buying Tips

Choosing the option to bid on and buy apparel stocklot offerings online is a great way to purchase top quality, brand name clothing items at a fraction of the typical wholesale price. Buying stocklots builds in greater profit margins for you as the retailer plus it also allows you to set your prices competitively with other retailers, online sellers or even the larger chain stores.

Volume Counts When Buying Apparel Stocklot

It is important to realize that stocklots are large quantities of the same type of merchandise. The individual listing will indicate the price per individual item as well as the number of units in the offering. The number of units is the number of individual items and, when you bid, you are bidding your price per item on the entire lot. When items are listed as brand name then the entire stocklot will be the same brand.

Typically with most bids or sales the greater the size of the total offer the lower the individual unit price will be. Buying a case will cost more than buying a pallet or a trailer of the particular item.

Read the Information Carefully

Once a bid is placed or an offer made to a seller it is typically not able to be revoked. Therefore, buyers or bidders need to make sure they fully read and understand the apparel stocklot description prior to taking any action. Most websites provide you with the option to ask a question directly to the seller, which is an excellent way to clarify anything that may not be easy to understand.

Sizing and Choices

Some apparel stocklot offerings will include a range of different sizes, colors and even styles while others will be uniform products. This information will be provided in the seller’s written description. If different sizes and colors are in the stocklot the seller will typically provide a general idea of the numbers of each.

Buying apparel stocklots has become a popular way to help to reduce costs for brick and mortar stores or to allow individuals to get into online retail even if they aren’t a major retail outlet.