The Tradition of Diamond Eternity Rings and How to Care for Them

An eternity ring is one of the most recognizable ring types in the world. They are usually given as a gift for an anniversary or on the birth of a couple’s first child. They are a physical reminder of the love between a couple and the name “eternity ring” helps express their never ending love for each other.

The Tradition of the Eternity Ring

Eternity rings have been given as gifts or used as wedding rings for centuries. It is said that cavemen began the tradition of the eternity ring when they gave a cord of woven rushes to express their devotion during marriage ceremonies. The woven ring was a representation of the spouses becoming one with each other. Other ancient cultures believed the eternity ring was a symbol of holiness and peace.

Choosing Between Half or Full Eternity Rings

Although eternity rings can feature any precious stones in their setting, the most common type are diamond eternity rings and they come in two styles, the “half eternity” ring and the “full eternity” ring. The style refers to the amount of diamonds that encircle the setting. The half eternity ring has diamonds, or other gems, that cover the top half of the ring and the full eternity ring has stones covering the entire diameter of the ring.

The meaning of the ring does not change whether it is a full or half eternity ring. However, the half eternity ring is often chosen as a gift for more practical reasons. Since the diamonds or gems only cover half of the setting, they are less expensive than a full eternity ring. The size is easier to adjust because there are no stones to remove and the half eternity ring is more comfortable to wear.

Cleaning Eternity Rings

Many women wear diamond eternity rings that they inherit from their mother or grandmother. To keep your ring in good shape, it is important to clean it on occasion as dirt from the oils of your hands, lotions and other substances can buildup on any ring. Since the eternity ring has precious stones on it, you should know how to properly clean your ring.

While you can take your ring to a professional jeweler to clean it, keeping up its appearance is easy to do. Just fill a small bowl with warm, soapy water and set the ring inside of the bowl for about five to 10 minutes to loosen any dirt buildup. Use a soft bristled brush, such as a baby toothbrush, to gently scrub the ring. Lastly, use warm to hot water to rinse the ring and let it air dry.

Caring for your diamond eternity ring will allow you to pass it down to your own daughter or granddaughter.