Styles Of Body Jewelry Belly Rings For All Occasions

Having a variety of different styles and designs of body jewelry belly rings allows you to create just the look that you want. While you may not always be in a cropped top or in a swimsuit on the beach, it is still nice to know that your feel sexy and feminine with just the right belly ring to match your mood.

When it comes to choosing the right belly ring for any occasion it is really a very personal choice. There are all different styles from the very simple and elegant to the more unique and unusual. The great thing is that body jewelry belly rings are relatively inexpensive, especially if you take advantage of online purchases and sales, so you can quickly get a large collection even if you are on a tight budget.

Basic Belly Rings

Basic belling rings are typically internally threaded and are a standard 14 gauge that can be used with common piercing practices. These rings often come in sets with both upper and lower gems on a slightly curved shaft, which is known as a banana belly ring because of the shape. This allows you to simply change out the gems to create different looks or, if you like more elaborate options, there are a range of different clip-on additions that include dangling styles and symbols to suit any occasion.

The top add-ons to the banana body jewelry belly rings should be designed to be added to the belly ring without the need to remove the piercing. This is a great option if you want to quickly change your look no matter where you may be.

Belly Shields

Body jewelry belly rings that are designed to fit close to the naval and provide a more solid look and really draw the eye are called belly shields or naval shields. These come in a variety of highly stylized options and designs with or without gems. They can be highly stylized and decorative and very solid or more open but larger in size and shape than the traditional types of body jewelry belly rings.

Of course for those special occasions you may want to splurge and have a few diamond or precious gemstone body jewelry belly rings on hand. These are not going to be your everyday wear options in most cases, but they are absolutely stunning when you really want to feel and look amazing.

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