Rainbow Glasses for your Church Outing

There is every color of the rainbow in a pair of Rainbow Diffraction Glasses. When you look at any light while wearing them, it will appear as if 3D rainbows are floating right at you. Rainbows themselves represent a lot of things, and if your church organization or biblical society wants to keep this theme going at your next get together, then these are the perfect party gifts for the occasion.

What Rainbows Represent Biblically

If your society is one of a biblical nature, or you are having a fun church outing, then rainbow diffraction glasses are just what you need for your convention, cookout, or party. In the Holy Bible, rainbows have a certain meaning. In fact, in Genesis, Ezekiel, and Revelations they are spoken of. Most of us know about the worldwide flood to wipe out all sinful-minded humans in the first book of the Bible. Right after it, a rainbow appeared and represented the Covenant that God made with mankind (represented by Noah) to never cause obliteration like that ever again (Genesis 9:12, 15, HBFV). Ezekiel saw it differently, as the scripture reads “As the rainbow appears that is in the cloud in the day of rain, so was the appearance of His brightness all around (Ezekial1:28)”. Revelations has rainbows as a direct relation to God as well, as it reads “After these things I looked, and behold, a door opened in Heaven…And He who was sitting was in appearance like a jasper stone and a sardius stone; and a rainbow was around the throne (Revelation 4:1, 3).”

When you have your church outing, some colorful rainbow diffraction glasses are a fun way to pass on the stories of the Bible that are associated with rainbows to children. When you tie in something fun like the glasses, they will remember these scriptures and talk about them amongst themselves, which is what you wanted the youth to do in the first place about the Bible.

Styles of Rainbow Diffraction Glasses

There are lots of different styles and colors to choose from. So, when your church or biblical society has its outing, you have some for boys and girls. The rainbow spectrum glasses are an array of colors, and can be unisex in use. The diffraction sets many times will vary in colors of them. They’re available in all white, bright orange, clear ice, light blue, midnight black, neon green, perfect purple, and pink. When you look through, the diffraction grating makes all incoming light transform into rainbow surges, and the kids will love them. Get your rainbow diffraction glasses now in packages as big as 100 pairs for your next church outing.