Practical Ways to Use Dry Erase Paint

Dry erase paint allows you to write or draw on a flat surface and erase it. This is helpful in a home, office or school. Dry erase paint is particularly popular in kids rooms and kids play areas. It is sometimes hard to catch kids before they have picked up a marker, crayon or pen and began writing on the walls. When you apply dry erase paint to a wall or door, the kids will then have a designated area to write and draw. Teenagers love the idea of dry erase paint. They can write down their homework assignments, reminders or simply draw on their wall, thus expressing themselves creatively. Homeowners have used dry erase paint in their kitchens to post meals for the week or to post their grocery list. There are all sorts of creative ways dry erase paint can be used.

Use Dry Erase Paint in Your Office

If you have a home office, painting one of your walls with dry erase paint could prove helpful. It may be helpful to have a wall that you can post reminders, weekly appointments and other important information on. Instead of jotting down important information and reminders on a post-it, you can write it on the wall so that it is more visible. This can also saves you time when you are looking for something important that you have written down and cannot find. If you are use certain contacts, on a regular basis, putting their information on your wall could prove beneficial. You would always have their information readily available. The benefits of painting an office wall with dry erase paint are endless.

How Restaurants Use Dry Erase Paint

More and more restaurants are using dry erase paint. This is one way to cut down the expenses of purchasing signage. Some restaurants use the dry erase paint to write their menu’s on. It gives a fun and interesting visual affect to the establishment, while making the menu visible to everyone. Some restaurants even have a dry erase wall painted for guests to leave messages on about their restaurant experience. Dry erase walls come in a several colors and can be easy to apply to any wall or door.

If you have children, a fun alternative for their playroom is to paint it with dry erase paint. At Wolf Gordon, you will be able to choose from various dry erase pain colors.