Plan a Cruise with a Destination Wedding

Now you can plan a cruise wedding that takes you on a beautiful cruise to your wedding destination. You can visit any one of the Caribbean islands and be wed when you get into port. Planning a wedding on a tropical island such as Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Belize, St. Lucia, St. Maarten, St. Kitts & Nevis, Barbados, Dominica, Aruba or Antigua is stress-free when you use the skills of a professional wedding coordinator. You can sit in the lap of luxury on a cruise liner that is whisking you away to be wed, while your coordinator takes care of the rest. Caribbean cruise weddings have become quite popular over the years thanks to wedding coordinators that make planning a tropical wedding easy and fun.

Popular Cruise Lines that Visit the Caribbean

* Carnival Cruise
* Royal Caribbean Cruise
* Princess Cruise
* Norwegian Cruise
* AIDIA Cruise
* Private Charter

Beautiful Weddings Can Happen While in Port

There are many great cruise liners that can take you to your destination wedding. You simply make cruise arrangements for you and your wedding party and get ready to fulfil your wedding dreams. If you have guests, you can also inform them of the cruise you are taking so they can book the same cruise or make other arrangements. Once you reach the port of your desired Caribbean location, you will be met by the wedding coordinator you chose to prepare your wedding. When you use an expert coordinator, they will take care of all of the important details for your special day. They will even meet you in port with a wedding sign that gathers you and your wedding party for the festivities.

Tie the Knot on the Beach

You can choose to tie the knot on the beach or in many different locations that allow wedding ceremonies. Surrounded by your friends and family, or just your loved one, you will celebrate one of the most important moments in your life. Every detail will have been brought to life through meetings that you coordinated with your wedding planner. This includes wedding decorations, the location of your wedding, the venue, the reception, and many other details clear down to the cake and music. Nothing will be left unattended by your wedding coordinator. In fact, they can even handle last minute changes that make your wedding absolutely stunning. Once your reception is over, you simply board the cruise liner and enjoy the voyage back home as a married couple.

Dreamy Weddings has been planning Caribbean Cruise Weddings for many happy couples over the years.