Lighted Pet Collars; a new take on a piece of history.

3120004_mDogs have been man’s best friend for almost as long as humans have been around.  According to the AKC, evidence of domesticated dogs dates back to 5000 B.C.  Not surprisingly, depictions of dogs wearing collars have been found in ancient Egyptian ruins.  Through history, dog collars have been functional and even an indication of social status.  While the looks of collars have changed with the times, their function, for the most part has stayed the same.

Dog collars are functional in the fact that they are commonly used for training purposes.  They provide something to hold on to, most commonly with a leash.  It gives the owner some control over the movement of the dog.  With newer technology, Lighted Pet Collars are available.  The collar still offer the control but also a light.  The light is very useful during night walks or if a pet likes to run at night, it makes the dog easier to spot.

In the past, working dogs have been outfitted with thick spike collars.  They were meant to not only look intimidating but also offer protection to the dogs’ necks.  Today, spiked collars are often found adorning the neck of the stereotyped ‘aggressive breeds.’  Breeds such as Rottweilers, Pitt Bulls and Dobermans have a bad rap. This stereotype is often encouraged with spiked collars, regardless of the dog’s disposition.

Collars are not necessarily used as an indicator of social status today.  However, some designer collars have a hefty price tag.  Aside from designer collars or those encrusted with diamonds (they really do exist), everyday collars are relatively inexpensive.  Aside from the price, the collar is an opportunity for the owner and pet to show their personalities.  Lighted pet collars are indicative of active owners and pets who like to camp and hike.  Diamond encrusted collars are, well, for those who really like diamonds.  Collars can be found in basically any color and various materials to meet most pet owners’ needs.

At the end of the day, most of us would be lost without man’s best friend.  It seems they have been the most faithful to us throughout history!  The collar has gone through quite a transformation throughout the years.  From ornate metals, to spikes and now even lighted pet collars.