Keeping in Step with God

When life becomes trying it is often because we have fallen out of step with God. It is important to remember that God’s love is the most positive influence in your life. When you have faith that is strong and unfaltering you will discover your life becomes much easier. It is important to maintain a good pace along God’s path so you do not lose sight of him along the way. Understanding that your faith allows you to use God as your guide means you must always keep him within your sights.

Practicing Faith in God

Your love of God must not falter. You must be certain you are practicing faith in God through prayer and worship and living as Jesus did. You must always be full of love and share that love with everyone you meet. This does not mean you must physically embrace people and tell them you love them. It simply means you must naturally feel kindness towards them and show it in your actions. You don’t want to be that guy who barges into a parking space when someone else was about to pull in slowly. You don’t want to be the guy who interrupts others when they are speaking or show disinterest when others are trying to tell them something. You will always be the person who holds open the door for others, offers up a seat on the bus and knows there is more than one parking spot at the mall. These are all ways of practicing your faith and living the life God wants us all to lead.

Feeling Joy

When you are able to keep in step with God you will find more joy in your life. Faith gives you joy because you always know if things are bad they will get better. In fact when you have faith you will be able to see the good in the world even when the worst possible news is on the television and radio every day. Online Biblical Prophecy is an excellent way to confirm God’s existence and to help you follow more closely with him. You will have a personal message to guide you on areas of your life you feel need more focus. An online biblical prophecy can keep you in step with God and allow you to strengthen your faith.